Evans.co.uk Review – What’s it like?!

Well us big girls have some issues one of them is finding fashionable clothes for our shapes. If you’re in your teens to early 20’s it can be a real pain to find high fashion clothes to fit, as Topshop has this thing that you must be under a size 16 (which is more like a size 14!!!!) to wear high fashion. Where is there for us beautiful curvy girls to buy clothes?

So I have been looking at Evans the famous big woman’s shop to see what they have in store for us in Autumn and is it worth braving into the shop and getting some items?

First look at the website and it looks inviting with a very beautiful brunette model. The clothes look trendy and what i would want to wear.

Knitwear is basic and nothing really special all mostly v neck (because we all should wear a v neck if we have boobs grrr!)

The skirts are drab and horrid old lady style what no respectable girl would wear!

Trousers are not too bad, a nice mix of styles not great but ok.

Though they do get it right with the check shirts and some stunning evening wear. They seem to really hit the nail with this amazing collection all what i would love to own.

It is a bit of a “finding a needle in a haystack” feel but there is some great buys.

My Top 3 items from Evens are:

1. Red 3/4 beaded evening tunic dress £60.00 – fab with some thick tights and some patent shoes.

2. Purple check long shirt £30 – lovely with bootleg jeans and tan boots.

3. Mary Jane patent shoes in black. £25 they look hot and you know they will be comfortable! Will look good with the Tunic Dress.

So there you go have a try and see what you think! Why not drop me a line and tell me what you think or add a comment!

Tewsday x

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