Download Hello Kitty Online Game

I’m currently downloading the Hello Kitty Online game! I’m a massive Hello Kitty fan, so i’m naturally very exciting about their new online adventure game which includes all my favourite characters and more!

You’ll need to be a Founder member in order to take part in the beta test of the game. Apply to be a Hello Kitty founder >> first.

Become a Founder on Hello Kitty Online Game
Become a Founder on Hello Kitty Online Game

I applied to be a founder. In order to do this you need Hello Kitty Online account. Then after you’ve registered you need to send a blank email from Hello Kitty mail to this address:

Then it’s a case of waiting and hoping!!

The game weighs in at mahoosive 1.8gb!! Don’t despair though, to occupy your downloading time, there’s a superb audio/visual tutorial which shows you the ropes of this RPG style adventure!

Download the Hello Kitty Online Game >>

Hope to see you online in Sanrio World soon!!

Tews x

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