Fifty Shades of should I?

Most people, who know me, will know I love to do a bit of celeb spotting. I have longed to be in the limelight and always wanted to be on the red carpet.

As a teenager I followed my favourite boy band, 911, around the country and would skip school to hang out with my fellow fans. Nothing excited me more than the endorphin rush of meeting your favourite star. I would be high off this for days, then the crash would come, and I would hide in my bedroom sobbing. I just felt welcomed by the band I liked and my friends I made. I never really fitted in at school and this was my place I loved.

Now 18 years later I am revisiting this old haunt of seeing the beautiful people, and this time it is for the Fifty Shades of Grey premier in London. Like many woman my age, I fell head over heels for Mr Grey, and is gagging to see this film (See what I did there?). I, of course don’t just want to see the film, but meet the cast. Therefore one must sacrifice her day off to get a god awful early train to London to get a wrist band to stand in the crowds.

I know what you are thinking, why is she doing this? Is she crazy? Well yes and no. I am doing it for fun, and enjoyment. I am going with one of my best friends, and I know very well we will laugh and get a little bit tipsy and just scream all day. Maybe it’s me reliving my youth, maybe it’s because I am working on a book which circles around this lifestyle and I want to feel it again to get inspiration. Or plainly I just love Fifty Shades and want to show my support to E L James who wrote this modern classic. (I know some of you out there disagree)

So I need to decide, Should I go and get an early train and make sure I get the wrist band or should I just risk getting a later train and just see from afar. How about not at all! I know if I don’t go I would regret it massively, so I think the latter is out of the picture.
I will of course keep you posted and up to date with my choices

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