2015 just got better. MagicMikeXXL

So it’s finally here. Magic Mike XXL teaser trailer has been launched today on Ellen, and everyone went a little bit cray cray.

Woman everywhere can’t believe how good 2015 is going to be. If the excitement for the Fifty Shades of Grey film was making us all go mental, Magic Mike just pushed us over the edge.

As I write this #MagicMikeXXL is trending strongly on Twitter and the trailer is doing the rounds on Facebook.

So here it is, Just in case you haven’t seen it yet.

So what do we think? Do you even care? Comment below, or give me a tweet @Misskitty83

As comedian Eric Schwarts said on Twitter “#MagicMikeXXL and #50ShadesOfGrey…finally, women are treating men like objects. If I don’t get any action this year, it’s MY fault.”

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