Fifty Shades of Grey premiere

As you may have read in one of my last posts, I was unsure if I should go freeze in Leicester Square for god knows how many hours, or stay lovely and warm in my bed all day on my day off. As you probably have guessed from the title of this post, I chose to turn my body into a human Popsicle.

Let me talk you through how one crazy 31 year old dragged her lovely and truly amazing friend along for one eventful day of fun.

Firstly, it has been many years since I have done anything like this. Back when I was a teenager, I would think nothing of staying out all day in all sorts of weathers to meet 911 or 5ive to get the perfect picture with them. One time in particular, we got the first train to London and queued all day to get front row tickets for a special 5ive concert when I was just 15. How did we do this?

I chose to make my travel plans to the big smoke the night before. I got on the train listening to the Fifty Shades soundtrack. By the time I got to my friends address just outside London it took me 3 hours, and the clock was ticking. I needed sleep and I knew I wouldn’t get much knowing we had to get up early.

I got informed by some forums that we really needed to get to Leicester Square for about 8am or even stay overnight (Sorry, This is none negotiable Mr Grey, this will not be happening, please remove this from the contract). We decided to leave my friends at 8.30, which meant we would be in the Square for 9.30. To be fair I was very worried about the amount of people who would turn up. This film had many fandoms attached to it. Twihards, Jamie Dornan fans, and of course just us crazy woman. May I add at this point, I do not like Twilight, Maybe it’s my age, but Robert Patterson doesn’t do it for me. Thankfully it wasn’t as busy as we thought, and we got a wrist band easily.

After leaving the craziness of the all nighters, we were hungry and in need of some good food! We hit up The Diner just of Neal Street. I had the Lumberjacks breakfast of pancakes, bacon and eggs. My partner in crime had the breakfast Burrito. If you ever want a true taste of an American dinner, these bad boys are the where to go!

With food in our bellies, and a trip to the Moomin shop, and a stop off at the pub, we were ready for the fun of the premiere. We got informed to be there for 12pm, but in fact we didn’t need to be there till 3pm when the gates opened. The great thing about any event like this is the people you meet. Everyone was there for their own reasons, but we all bonded with our love for Fifty. What happens next in these crazy events is they call out your wrist band numbers (e.g. 1 – 50, 50 – 100 etc). With the rush of adrenalin we ran to the best spot possible. Sadly the first 100 got front row, but second row wasn’t too shabby.

The waiting was the hardest part, and lack of drinking water. I got cramp in my legs like nothing I have ever felt before, with this and the cold, I realised I am too old for this! When finally the show kicked off at 5.30pm I was ready for a strong drink and some hot food, but I knew I had to keep going to see Mr Grey.

When the stars finally did come out, the rush was worth it. Seeing my friends face when Aaron Taylor Johnson appeared next to her face was priceless. We got to meet most of all the cast, the only one who didn’t get close enough to us was Mr Grey himself, which I wasn’t too disappointed in the end, as Dakota Johnson stole my heart. She was so sweet and beautiful, unlike Jamie Dornan she seemed to really love every moment of it. I think anyone who was going to take this role on, should of known the hype it would attract. Don’t get me wrong, Jamie looked smoking HOT, Maybe I was just a bit sad I didn’t get to see him close up. We could have waited longer, but after some rude full time autograph hunters in front of us, it was time to get the hell out of there! It was cold, and we were in need of chicken wings and beer!

Here are my top 5 tips if you want to brave a premiere.

1. Search Google, Find out the ins and outs on what is happening that day, Facebook have some great Premiere update pages which have loads of information on them. I just Facebooked “Fifty Shades of grey Premiere” and found a page. Or like LondonFilmPremieres on Facebook
2. Screw staying overnight! There is loads of room around the barriers; I wish I had a later number now. A girl I made friends with had 190 and got front row, where I had 105 and got second row, because they opened more barriers up. She met everyone!
3. Remember your phone needs to be charged for photos. Yes I know we all want to tweet and facebook where we are, but remember you need it for the stars. Or just bring an old camera like me!
4. Keep warm/ stay cool. In the winter wear thermal EVERYTHING! My feet felt like they would drop off! Even though you don’t want to drink because you may need the toilet, you need it! Water stops cramps and keeps you hydrated. You will feel better, Trust me!
5. Have fun, but watch out for the professional Autograph hunters. They mean business.

Would I do it again? Well I would, but never in the winter! I enjoyed it up till the girls in front of me were rude, then the fun stopped. I am too old for hostility and what was worse, I was a real fan of the books and they were just autograph hunters.


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