Meeting the Instagram famous Apollo in Prague.

20191012_163015Ain’t he pretty?

I recently came back from a short break to the pretty city of Prague, and I couldn’t believe my luck, when I looked on my Instagram, that one of my hands-down favourite Insta kitties Apollo would be in Prague at the same time as me! I couldn’t believe the chances, and after not getting to Tokyo for Hello Kitty’s 45th birthday due to my gallstones, this would make up for it!

I hoped and prayed that lil Apollo’s mummy would do a meet and greet, and she did!

So after a quick trip to Prague Zoo, we got back into the old town to finally meet the fluffy prince of British Shorthair cats.

After hunting down the exact spot our wait for Apollo was over and we finally got to see him in real life.

20191012_172429-1Apollo arriving in pure Apollo-style, and in his signature unicorn!


Apollo was as cute and cuddly in real life as on Instagram, and nothing prepared me for the excitement of hearing him cry for shriiiiiiimps!!!!!

20191012_165054The Crazy Cat Couple dressed in appropriate style to meet Apollo.

Being a couple that both adore cats, this was a really special moment. I never thought I would ever meet Apollo, being that he lives in the USA. To have the chance to hold him and get some pictures with the little fluffy baby, was a very special moment.

I would also like to say, that Apollo was very well cared for and his mummy and daddy really love him! Apollo was a pure joy to meet, and really what I needed. I can honestly say meeting him, made up for missing Hello Kitty 45th Birthday in Tokyo! Oh and also I will say he was the nicest celebrity I have ever met, and I have met a few hahaha.

20191012_170538Selfie time with the fluffy Instagram prince!

Remember to click on the links to TewsdayKitty and Apollo’s Instagram for more pictures and Fun!

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